What is Lake Shore Retreats Three Phase System about?

May, 2018
Lake Shore Retreat is a 3 Phase System.

At the Lake Shore Retreat you get a comprehensive system.

In Phase 1 guests learn how to get sober by ruthlessly facing things inside of themselves that continue to cause their failure. At Phase 1 guests are taken through steps 1-7. The main focus in Phase 1 is to build a solid foundation which addiction recovery can be built. Some of the benefits in Phase 1include

  • All staff are fully engaged in Twelve Step recovery
  • Comprehensive Big Book workshops
  • Ability to complete steps 1-7 in a safe, drug and alcohol-free setting.

At Phase 2 Men have the opportunity to move on to our Phase 2 house located in Quincy, MA. Women have the opportunity to stay here in Wakefield and continue the step process. At Phase 2 guests are focusing on reentry back into a normal, drug and alcohol-free lifestyle while being led by staff through the latter steps which are steps 8-12. Some benefits that Phase 2 includes are


  • Resume building
  • Assistance navigating job search
  • Engage in community activities
  • Learning how to manage finances
Nick Espinosa Assistant Director
Video by Bobby Wall via YouTube
“I dedicate my life to helping others”

Phase 3 consists of five Twelve Step, Highly structured sober living homes. We have a Men’s sober house in Weymouth, two in Quincy and one in Randolph. We have one Woman’s house in Quincy. All of our sober homes have a primary purpose and it’s to help guests stay on track with their new sober lifestyle. Some benefits of Phase 3 are


  • Structured sober living environment
  • Involved in the recovery community
  • Engaged in community activities
  • Engaged in recovery events
Nick Espinosa and his Fiance, Joan.
Photograph by Bobby Wall.
Nick Espinosa is in long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Nick dedicates his life to helping other sick and suffering drug addicts and alcholics recover from the disease of addiction. Nick is highly involved in Alcholics Anonymous and the Twelve Steps which helped him find a new way of life that is worth living. Nick is a great friend, Dad, Fiance and well loved by all guests that come into The Lake Shore Retreat.
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